F3B WC Update #21

As promised, yesterday I was at our F3B Contest Site.  Drawing you can see from picture bellow. Be carefull this is not the final one (did somebody say there is something final one?!). We move social and team areas (red color) to one spot. Some other modifications I will discuss today with people in charge.

As you can see from another picture there are still bulldozers on the site. Within one month there will be flat green grass flying filed. Any doubts?  1000 questions? I’m getting always answer: “Don’t worry, no problem, will be ready” . I trust you Zhang Zhao (smile).

Among many people I met guy from Laiwu Meteorological Bureau. We will have detailed weather and forecast overview on CIAF website incl. rain radar. Today again some critical decision making meetings and afternoon flying back to Beijing. CU guys…

2 comments to F3B WC Update #21

  • Allan Yeung

    The last sentence on the board in Photo 1 says the site completion date will be on 5 Sep. As you realize, will there be a flat grass ready for the function? Delay in construction work is quite normal.

  • Hi Allan,
    thanks for clarification. Flat green grass 450mx150m flying field. This is my request since beginning, no way back! Don’t ask me how they will do that.

    P.S. At Jinan Int’l Airport nearby Gate 1 (there is Bussines class lobby) there is “free” wifi SSID:SD2 passwd:12345678