F3B WC Update #22

It’s 22:15 (UTC+8) local time. Comming to Beijing from Laiwu. Tomorrow morning going to ASFC headquarter. Starting now you have aprox. nine hours  to send me (pls to PM, not here) any serious request which needs my personal assistance here in China. Talking to me face to face is no fun (smile), therefore last chance for you to push your outstanding stuff here. About customs clearance and Sylvain visa case I’m aware.

During delay at Jinan airport I was talking to Wang Lei about 1-st week of October and China holidays. Hardly you will avoid crowded China, everybody is moving. Full airports, full trainstations, everything going to collapse. Just be aware, anyhow somebody can find it funny. Your choice.

Ehhh, forgotten… Before my Laiwu to Beijing departure I met part of Chinese F3B team. Watching theirs secret weapons. Be on guard…

4 comments to F3B WC Update #22

  • Johnson Yeung

    Dear Roman,
    After receiving advice from the French Team and talked to UPS Hong Kong, I may need to obtain an ATA Carnet in order to get my equipment shiped. However, it sounds strange that the organiser should take to role to arrange duty free import and export ( Just like the role of international exhibition organiser). They should offer such help from their side, shouldn’t they??). No further info from Zhou.

    Team HK

  • Hi Johnson,
    I will talk today to Leo and Yiwen. Yiwen will contact you. The biggest troubles so far with import to China has chinese Hong Kong, weird and tragicomic situation.

  • Herman Weber

    Hi Roman

    I am team manager of team South Africa. I have sent several requests to the organisers to give us details of the accommodation arrangements for visa application requirements. I get no response – some of our pilots have other overseas travel commitments and will not be able to complete visa applications if we do not urgently get accomodation letters/conformation. I understand this is not your responsibility but we have real time constraints with these issues.


    Herman Weber

  • Hi Herman,
    it’s clear to me this is serious. Now there is midnight in Beijing. Tomorrow morning my time I will do maximum to solve your issue. Tomorrow you will get requested document. In PM I’m going to send you additional info. Same issue I was solving for France.