F3B WC 2011 update #6

  • AFC (Aerosports Federation of China) is strongly evaluating changing location of F3B WC airfield to less hilly area.
  • Good message. Lu Zheng (active Chinese F3B pilot) is now in Beijing. Consulting with OC (Org. Committee) many details.
  • I already mentioned nearest Laiwu civil airport is in Jinan. Name of airport is YaoQiang. There will be free shuttle bus to contest site.

3 comments to F3B WC 2011 update #6

  • Michael Lachowski

    Is there more information on the shuttle bus. Is the shuttle just between the hotel and the contest site or will there be a different shuttle to get from Jinan airport to the hotel? There is a lot of equipment to transport with 6 people and more than 21 luggage items plus carry on items.

  • Hi Mike,
    good point. I will ask and clarify.

  • This is answer from Yiwen:
    Regarding the bus, yes there will be a bus between airport to the hotel at the teams arrival, if it is not big enough to hold all the equipments, what we could do is send the team back to hotel first while send another bus to the airport to pick up the equipments. We are having volunteers there to look after the luggages.

    I would add; If there isn’t enough space in one bus, maybe two of you guys will stay at airport and organize loading to another one.