Awakening? F3B WC 2011 update

If anything else, my resignation led to big communication storm. Twister started last Friday (18-th February) and was initiated by FAI CIAM president Bob Skinner and continued by FAI General Secretary  Stéphane Desprez. Other VIPs were involved.

Since that time seems to me Chinese attitude to whole matter changed dramatically and hopefully definitely. Today early morning I had 3 hours communication session with F3B WC 2011 coordinator Yiwen.Niu in Beijing.

Don’t want to bother you with details, therefore here are just some points you could be interested in:

  • Official F3B WC 2011 website should start-up within few days –first week of March. Website will be incl. user forum(!)
  • Under new FAI rule (2011) every team can have junior pilot, in team scoring the best 3 results of 4 pilots counts, regardless senior/junior member.
  • Above you see position and airfield orientation, south-north winds are predominantly expected.
  • Hopefully there will be WC pre-race on same airfield, I’d like to have it as two day event.
  • Sure there are zillion other matters to be solved and I can assure you, I’m aware of this and organizer is again under heavy load by my requests.
  • Within few days there will be Facebook and Twitter  F3B WC account established. Don’t be fooled, in China FB and Twitter are completely banned (as far as I was informed), but doesn’t matter I will do my best to keep you informed, I was assured by Chinese friends they will support me by 100%.
  • I don’t have fear to name phenomenon by correct names. Under my feeling (based on info which I have), probability to have F3B WC 2011 in Germany is anything below 1%.  Maybe bad message for somebody but hopefully it will help you to decide what to do in next days, weeks, months. You have right to know it…
  • Last but not least, I’m still in resignation status. Now I’m testing all channels and “only” try to help to have successful F3B World Championship 2011. It’s not so important who will be CD of mentioned event; important is that CD is experienced professional and he knows how to dance with wolves (smile).

P.S. Sure, don’t hesitate to ask questions here/comments, at info(at) or at official mailbox f3bwc2011(at)

BTW: Do you have some info about NewZealand boys? Seems to me some of them were from Christchurch, hopefully they are OK!

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  • LesterPK

    Hi Roman, from what I have heard the NZ boys are OK. Homes might be damaged but families are safe and well.

  • Hi Lester,
    thx for info. I was already writing to Craig Dawson.

  • Hiroyuki Sakai

    Dear Romman,
    How are you?
    I met my friend Mr,Tao liu(Member of Organizing Committee) last week end 2011/02/19.
    He is an old F3B WC pilot and the S8E world champion now.
    They are still in rest at the Chinese New Year!
    I tell some F3B WC advice, and I think that they do their best.
    The airport is constructed now. And, 30 judges are summoned.
    I think that your help is necessary for Chinese member.
    This time, I hope for help of F3B pilot all over the world.
    Best regards

  • Sylvain

    Hi Roman,
    Shame for your resignation…
    I will be with french team in the next F3B WC wherever it happend and we pre register today.
    For sure it is a challenge for China if they have lack of experience but there are no real reason not to have interesting contest. Distance and cost are a challenge for us but very often Japanes or New zealand guys or others pilot make a huge travel to participate and its more or less normal to share this effort from year to another…from a country to another.
    As FAI got a process to choose country, I share your feeling that except some exceptionnal reasons, they didn’t excpect to change a previous decision. We will see after pre registration if the number of teams is consistent.

    We feel more or less happy to have no information why China was a concern because they have experienced people for big events and they will put energy in the organisation…
    So we will see if China succeed to get some help from F3B experienced people that could help a lot
    More than 6 months are available to learn and train juges and organisation…
    Hope we will have more information in a short futur but we currently focus on training team, pilots, setting up the gliders and testing them and this is already a wide time expense!
    Hope F3B people will do the same and will be ready for contest!
    Best regards to all of you

  • Hi Sylvain,
    my hat down for your opinion. I’m thinking nearly at same direction. Yes, you metioned Japanese and NewZealand friends. I would also add Australia, USA, South Africa, sometimes Argentina and perhaps the others. All these guys every two years spend huge amount of effort and money to come and take part in F3B happening.

    Last days were hectic. Few dreamless nights. I’m trying to take all stuff easy, the only chance. Just by coincidence aprox. 3 weeks ago I was at cross country skiing trip with some friends. I met very interesting guy; Head of FarEast institute of Charles University in Prague (est. 1347), the biggest and the most famous university here.

    We were talking about Japan (he knows Japan emperor, he serves as Japan/Czech interpreter for our president), about China and the others. I got again sneaking suspicion that we from “West”, we are not navel of this world.

    BTW: F3B Hong Kong team checked-in. Johnson Yeung, which I know from Emmen (F3B WC 2007), helped me a lot to understand some Chinese specifities.

    Hmmm, still no answer from Craig Dawson at NZ…

  • Sylvain

    Hello Roman,
    I realize I made a translation error. I wanted to say sad and not shame ! Sorry for that!

    Thanks for thanswer. Sure a lot of far countries were missing but the list is long.

    See you soon on Eurotour circus.


  • Hi Sylvain,
    I understand. No problem. CU