Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Pour Felicite 2013

Wish all of you smooth flight phase transitions in year 2013. Choose always correct priority, delay and switch.

F3J WC South Africa 2012

Today F3J boys started WorldChampionship in South Africa. You can also read daily reports made by Gordon Buckland on F3J USA team. Wish success to all involved

Norbert Habe

Norbert Habe, author of many HN airfoils, big silent flight guru, died April 11, 2012. I remember long discussions at F3F Donovaly (Slovakia) with Norbert. He was always ready to help or dispute any aspect of model flying. R.I.P.

Norbert Habe

Merry Christmas…

… and Happy New Year to all of you. Looking forward to meet you again at airfield anywhere in this galaxy.

P.S. That’s not me on the picture (smile).

LOLO5 firmware update 2.93

As I mentioned in news, LOLO5 production is stopped (sold out) and I started to work on LOLO6. Prototypes should be ready within 1-2 months. Sure, support for LOLO5 is running in normal manner. I bring you new firmware update. Please, follow instructions. [continue]

LOLO5 under test

Thanks to my good friends I had chance to measure my LOLO5 logger in calibrated pressure chamber. We were “flying” more than 60 minutes up to 4000meters ( more than 13.000 ft). Although LOLO5 was designed for RC model users i.e. approx. up to 1000meters (3.300 ft), error in 4000meters was 6,4% (254m/833ft). Bellow you can see altitude log, deviation table and measuring devices configuration.

During measurement and changing flying level I had also chance to check accuracy and sensitivity of LOLO5 vario part. Deviation was about +/- 0,1m/s. All in all I would sum up-very good device. [continue]